5 benefits of concierge service for business owners

7 April 2014

There are many business credit cards (as well as personal ones) available now that offer a free concierge service.

This is basically a bit like having your own butler, whom you can text or call when you have a request, question or need – and somebody at the end of the phone will answer your question or attend to your request.

So, is a concierge service something that could benefit your business? Almost certainly. If a personal assistant is beyond your company budget, a free concierge service could fill that gap beautifully.

Here are five ways your business could use a concierge service:

  1. Helping coordinate an event. You?ve got a networking day to organise and you just don?t have the time to sort out the nitty gritty. Luckily, your personal concierge can help with working out a hospitality package – organising things like a suitable venue, the catering, even transport to and from the event. All you have to do is text your requirement, and the app will do the investigating (and booking if you choose).
  2. Securing the perfect business dinner reservation.  Got some clients that need impressing? Concierge services can not only give you details about local restaurants and their menus, then can make reservations for you, sometimes even securing reservations at fine dining establishments you wouldn?t be able to secure yourself. Equally, if a golf course is a better environment for that business discussion, tee time information can be uncovered and reservations made.
  3. ButlerMake travel arrangements. If it?s a flight you need booking, your concierge can find it, book it, sort out an itinerary and even pay for it in some instances (if the program is attached to your bank account). The same applies to rail travel and taxi services. It can also find that handy local taxi number when you?re in an unfamiliar city.
  4. Sort out secretarial services. There?s only so much your concierge can sort out for you, so if the lack of a PA is driving you up the wall, you can ask it to investigate local secretarial services and arrange one for you – even if only temporarily.
  5. Arrange a gift. From retiring workers, to birthday treats, there are many occasions when a bunch of flowers of box of chocolates are needed for that member of staff or customer.  Let the concierge sort out that, while you get back to the important task of running your business.


With many concierge service programs, rules apply concerning the extent to which the app can be used for business (i.e. for large-scale commercial use). Be sure to read the terms and conditions for the program you are using.


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