Livewire: Catering for confident investors

25 April 2016
Livewire is a social media platform for investors and market professionals. It brings together leading financial companies and commentators on a single platform where they can share insights and discuss what’s happening in the markets. Canstar caught up with James Marlay, Executive Director of Livewire, to find out more.

What is the benefit for self-directed investors in using Livewire?

A: Livewire gives self–directed investors access to the stock ideas, research and investment strategies from Australia’s best fund managers, stockbrokers and independent research providers. The website is curated so our focus is on quality over quantity. Most of the information on Livewire is either exclusive or not publicly available so our members definitely get unique access to some very high quality insights. Information that is published on Livewire is often quoted in the mainstream media so there is also the benefit of getting the information ahead of the pack. We have a morning note that goes out to our members at 7am each morning with the three best articles from the previous day – it’s widely read, highly regarded and probably the thing our members love the most.



What additional benefits does your site provide that investors can’t learn via the ASX or via one of the many investment newsletters?

A: The ASX provides some basic information to help new investors get started as well as factual data and filings from ASX listed companies. Livewire caters to the confident investor, so the information relates directly to the current investment environment.

Challenging your own views is an important part of the investment process. As an independent platform, unlike a newsletter service, we are able to present a range of different and conflicting views on a specific subject. I should also add that unlike newsletters Livewire is a free service and does not provide recommendations.

 Q: You have tapped into an interesting niche. Where did the idea come from?

A: The Founders of Livewire both have backgrounds in investment markets. We experienced the problem first hand so it was initially a solution for ourselves. We knew there was lots of good information out there; the challenge was to get it into one place and make it easy to access.

Q: Can you share your expansion plans over the next 12 months?

A: We are focused on attracting more contributors and members to the Livewire platform by using innovative technology and by creating engaging content. For example we have partnered with Bell Direct and The ASX to run a live investor forum in late May. The event will give members access to a hand picked selection of Australia’s leading investment minds.

Q: Is there a particular type of content that resonates with your readers?

A: We place a lot of emphasis on trying to help our members become better investors. So we find educational material always performs quite well.

We also run a weekly video discussion called Buy Hold Sell that is by far and away our most popular segment. It is a short, sharp look at five ASX listed companies. Each of the panelists needs to give their view on the stocks selected.

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