Currency Codes For Currencies Around The World

7 November 2016
Whether you’re after an international money transfer or a travel card, you need to know the common currency codes. Check Canstar’s currency list.

If you’re looking for a currency conversion quote, it helps if you understand the currency codes they use!

List of currencies

Here is our currency list of the top Australia’s top 20-ish currencies around the world that we typically convert for international money transfers, travel money cards, and travel credit cards or debit cards.

In alphabetical order, the currency codes you need to know are:

1 AED Emirati Dirham (United Arab Emirates)
2 AUD Australian Dollar
3 BRL Brazilian Real
4 CAD Canadian Dollar
5 CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi
6 EUR Euro (European Union nations)
7 FJD Fiji Dollar
8 GBP British Pound (United Kingdom)
9 HKD Hong Kong Dollar
10 INR Indian Rupee
11 IDR Indonesian Rupiah
12 JPY Japanese Yen
13 MYR Malaysian Ringgit
14 NZD New Zealand Dollar
15 SGD Singapore Dollar
16 THB Thai Baht
17 USD United States Dollar (North America)
18 VND Vietnamese Dong
19 ZAR South African Rand

What about the rest of the world currencies? We’ve provided the ISO currency codes for the other various world currencies in the map below. Hover over a country to find out its unique currency code:


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