5 outside-the-box credit card rewards

2 October 2015
We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of responsibly using a rewards credit card to get things like free groceries, fuel discounts, and concierge services. But have you ever wanted to get something really special out of your credit card rewards? Like … archery lessons? Or a medieval jousting outfit? Well, maybe you can!

Here are some of the interesting past and present promotional rewards we’ve seen on offer from rewards credit cards. Please note that you should check current rewards on offer from your credit card provider.

1. Home lie detector

The dream gift for any father with teenage daughters. But first, you must spend $57,000 to earn 57,000 points on an American Express Gold card. And that’s no lie.

3. Outdoor inflatable movie screen

For all of those nights when the kids invited friends over and you wanted to watch a movie. Now you can watch on the flatscreen in the lounge in comfort while the kids delight in watching Nemo swim around at a million times his real life size.

You must spend $20,000 to earn 20,000 points on an American Express Gold card.

3. Jumping castle

You must spend $69,000 to earn 69,000 points on the – no way, it’s the American Express Gold card again!

4. African safari

Spend $50,000 to earn 50,000 on the American Express Gold card. Then spend another few thousand dollars on flights, and accommodation, and pre-travel vaccinations.

5. Pooper scooper bag

Don’t just vacuum up their fur – pick up everything else as well! You can get a plastic poop-bag dispenser from Citi Thank You Rewards for just 2,200 points.

Want to be enviro-friendly? There’s a version with biodegradable poo bags for 2,600 points. So even your dog can go green when they need to go.

Just remember…

An investigation by News Corp Australia has revealed Australians have been spending $150 billion per year on rewards credit cards for the privilege of accumulating points that are worth as little as half a cent. Don’t let it happen to you – if you want to make the most of a rewards credit card, hunt out a great value card.

You can compare credit card rewards on our website to find the reward that best suits your lifestyle at the annual fee that best suits your budget.

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