2018 Superannuation Star Rating

Superannuation Star Ratings 2018

Canstar’s Superannuation Star Ratings use a sophisticated and unique rating methodology that considers investment performance, fees and product features across superannuation products. Canstar star ratings represent a shortlist of products enabling consumers to narrow their search to products that have been assessed, rated and identified as offering outstanding value to consumers.

Released as of March, 2018

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5-Star Super Funds Revealed for 2018

After crunching the numbers Canstar has announced seven recipients for Outstanding Value in its 2018 Superannuation Star Ratings. Find out more about the top-rated products.

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Life Insurance Through Super – Why Life Stage Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Most superannuation products include automatic inclusion of default insurance, but what difference can changing your insurance cover based on your life stage have on your balance at retirement? Canstar investigates.

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About Star Ratings

Canstar's Star Ratings are unique. We evaluate literally thousands of products from hundreds of financial institutions. Our expert researchers analyse every product by comparing price and features to determine what represents value.