Commonwealth Bank outage blocking customers' access to cards, app and internet banking

Customers of Australia’s largest bank are currently unable to access some banking services or make payments using their debit or credit card.
CBA bank outage 6.07.2020
Commonwealth networks are down on 6 July 2020. Image source: Olga Kashubin, Shutterstock.

Commonwealth Bank announced to customers around lunchtime today that it was aware of some customers having issues viewing cards and loans in Netbank and the CommBank app, as well as making payments.

The bank has not provided an explanation for the unplanned tech outage at this stage, which has left some customers furious and unable to pay their mechanic, buy essential medication, pay for parking or petrol.

“I’ve been left stranded at three shops today because of this,” one customer said on Twitter. “Couldn’t pay for [the] weekly shop for my family, couldn’t get petrol, couldn’t even pay for my [doctor] appointment.”

According to CBA’s latest update at 5.15pm AEST, customers can use ATM withdrawals to access cash, but may still experience issues with:

  • Viewing accounts and statements for some home loan, credit card, transaction and savings accounts in the CommBank app and NetBank
  • Using Cardless Cash
  • Making some transfers and payments in the CommBank app and NetBank
  • Credit card cash advances may not be available

CBA said on Twitter that customers with a debit card or a credit card linked to their transaction account could continue to make EFTPOS payments by following these steps:

  1. Insert the card into the EFTPOS device
  2. Select either Savings or Cheque
  3. Enter your PIN code

Customers of the bank can view the latest updates on the outage issue on the CommBank Twitter page or its incidents page on the CBA website.

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