Customer Owned Banking Award 2017

Customer Owned Banking Award 2017

Canstar’s Customer Owned Institution of the Year award is awarded to the institution that provides a strong combination of products across the everyday banking products used in consumers lives, as well as excelling in a range of institutional factors such as; accessibility, online banking and range of financial products offered.

Report released June, 2017

2017 Award Winner

Customer Owned Banking Award Winner

  • Bank Australia

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Award Winner

Customer Owned Bank of the Year
Bank Australia - Outstanding Value Award Winner
Bank Australia wins 2017 customer-owned banking award

Find out why Bank Australia is the winner of the Canstar award for 2017 Institution of the Year – Customer-Owned Banking.

Home Loans and Credit Cards from Customer-Owned Institutions

Canstar examines the latest interest rates, fees, and features on offer for home loans and credit cards available from customer-owned institutions.

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Who are the customer-owned institutions?

Find out who are the customer-owned institutions in Australia, including mutual banks, credit unions, building societies, and more.

Digital Wallet
Jump on board with digital wallets

If you’re with a customer-owned institution, you can probably use most of the major digital wallets available in Australia. Find out which institutions are compatible with Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.

About Star Ratings

Canstar’s Star Ratings are unique. We evaluate literally thousands of products from hundreds of financial institutions. Our expert researchers analyse every product by comparing price and features to determine what represents value.

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