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Have you ever wondered how some people find themselves in sticky financial situations while others appear to have it easy? Sometimes managing money isn’t as straightforward as it seems and there’s a lot we can learn from other people’s experiences.

On Real Money with Effie Zahos, you’ll hear real Australians share their experiences with money. A spending addict reveals her lightbulb moment, a scam victim relives her loss and a single mum opens up about financial deceit. These are just some of the stories you’ll hear on our debut season.

The good news? These experiences have made them all stronger and they’ve graciously agreed to share their stories with all of us to make sure other Aussies avoid the same pitfalls.

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About Effie


Effie Zahos has been writing and talking about money for more than 20 years. One thing she has discovered is that we can all learn from peoples’ real money experiences. She is the Editor-at-Large of Canstar and one of Australia’s leading personal finance commentators. A regular money expert on Channel 9’s Today Show and on radio around Australia, she has more than two decades of experience helping Australians make the most of their money.

Effie is also the author of Ditch the Debt and Get Rich, A Real Girl’s Guide to Money and The Great $20 Adventure. She sits on the board of directors for Ecstra, a not-for-profit organisation committed to building the financial capability of all Australians, and InvestSMART.

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