Famous Houses


Critics have long delighted in pointing out popular characters who would probably not be able to afford their homes, like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, who lived in a swanky Upper East Side apartment on a writer’s salary.

Reflecting on this idea we decided to ask the question: which characters from a wide range of popular shows and films could afford to pay off their homes in their lifetime? And for those who couldn’t, what type of pay rise would they need?

Using real estate data and salary estimates, we got busy crunching the numbers. We canvassed much-loved classics like Eastenders and The Brady Bunch, right through to the trending films and series everyone is talking about in 2019, like Bird Box, Bodyguard, Ozark and the dark thriller You.

For those fans who want to go a step further and see if they’d have a shot at paying off these famous houses and how they’d compare against a particular character from our list, we’ve got you covered too. Simply select your currency and type in your salary below to get a basic, just-for-fun idea of how you’d stack up.

This estimate is based on being able to save a 20% home loan deposit and a repayment term of 30 years, as well as some other assumptions.

We don’t take into account any expenses you may have and haven’t considered the credit eligibility assessment policies of any individual providers.

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