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Roles and Opportunities at Canstar

Canstar has a diverse mix of roles available from product data to research, communications to digital as well as opportunities for finance and sales professionals.

If you are interested in joining our team please send your resume and letter of interest to 

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Product Data

Managing hundreds of data entries across thousands of products is no easy operation. The Product Data team plays an integral role in keeping this huge amount of data up to date, accurate and relevant across all our verticals.

Operations team members have:

  • A dedication to accuracy and detail
  • Experience in liaising with external clients such as financial institutions
  • A self-driven yet team focused spirit
  • Exceptional design skills for the yearly Christmas decorating competition!



The backbone of Canstar, the Research team is responsible for over 60 ratings releases annually across banking, insurance and investment product lines in Australia and New Zealand. Over the course of a year the Research team will place a fine tooth comb through over 16,000 financial products and provide insights to consumers and business on trends in the financial product market.

Research team members have:

  • A passion for numbers
  • An analytical and critical perception
  • A focus on integrity and a desire for excellence
  • A drive to be at the forefront of financial product knowledge

Research Jobs at Canstar


Canstar’s in-depth research and experienced commentators are highly sought after by print, online and broadcast media, meaning we are always in the public eye. In addition to reaching millions of people each month via media, the team of journalists also creates engaging and insightful content for the Canstar website. The Communication team works closely with Research to uncover the products, prices, tips and traps that Australians need to know about their financial products. Helping consumers to make better financial decisions is their passion and it is a fast-paced, creative environment.

Communications team members have:

  • Journalistic integrity
  • Ongoing relationships with media throughout Australia
  • A passion for financial literacy
  • Fantastic communication skills

Communications Jobs at Canstar


Only cutting-edge technology is good enough for the Technology team so that consumers can access the complex information they want at the click of a button. Behind this digitally-focused, data-driven company are IT gurus. Not only do they maintain the infrastructure required to run leading websites but they also continually develop innovative solutions to keep Canstar ahead of the game.

The Technology team consists of:

  • Platform architects
  • Business analysts
  • Database and web developers
  • Infrastructure technicians
  • Project managers

Technology Jobs at Canstar


Members of the Commercial team work with key Product, Marketing and Commercial executives from Australia and New Zealand’s leading Banking, Insurance and Wealth organisations. The core focus is providing critical database and research insights, endorsement marketing opportunities and digital marketing acquisition services.

The Commercial team have:

  • The ability to understand and articulate relatively complex research methodologies
  • Self-motivation, high organisational skill levels, high levels of energy and willingness to be accountable for their own performance
  • A natural ability to engage with people in the above mentioned roles and markets
  • An inner drive, combined with the ability to ‘switch off’ and have fun when the opportunity arises
  • Extremely driven individuals
  • Good at understanding that they are ultimately accountable for their own performance



Our Finance team does some cool things with financial modelling and reporting plus they provide forward-thinking analysis and manage the day-to-day P&L and balance sheet. What’s more, they make sure our people are paid on time. Their spreadsheets are the envy of all at Canstar.

Our Finance team have:

  • A passion for financial knowledge
  • A natural aptitude for numbers
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • An almost unnatural level of competition at social events!



Living and breathing all things digital, the team is constantly developing and refining the online channel for Canstar’s customers.

From social media marketing to building the brand online and designing and developing our digital platforms, these digital natives are constantly creating, testing and fine turning the online customer experience.

Apart from being technology savvy, the digital team have:

  • High levels of creativity and expression
  • An innovative and collaborative approach to design and communication
  • Precise analytical skill

Digital Jobs at Canstar


Canstar are always looking for talented people from all academic backgrounds to work in our various teams. We offer a range of positions from experienced professionals to graduates and entry level positions. When looking for potential employees we look for people who have a drive to succeed and a passion for excellence.

Your Opportunity


A financial services background is always useful, how not necessarily essential, depending on the position.  We are more interested in your potential and ability to work in a fast paced environment with energy, vision and innovation.


Know about Canstar before you come for the interview. We are always looking for people who have taken the time to look into our Company and have a real interest in joining our team to make an impact.


Our interview process gives you the opportunity to meet various people across the business and also allows us to access your suitability for a professional and cultural fit.   There are four steps in our recruitment and selection process

  1. Your first interview with us will be a face to face with your direct manager and another team member.  From first round interviews a short list is selected.
  2. The candidates who have made the short list are asked to come back for a second round interview, case study analysis and psychometric testing.  The psychometric testing consists of 3 aptitude tests and a Work Personality Index.  The 3 aptitude tests include verbal, numeric and abstract reasoning.  The case studies are position specific and the second round interview is a further assessment of your culture fit for Canstar.
  3. After the final round of testing and interviews a potential candidate is identified and reference checks are then completed.
  4. When all reference checks are completed satisfactorily an offer is made and we have a new Canstar member.

How to apply

Current Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team please send your resume and letter of interest to 

View current Canstar job opportunities Follow us on LinkedIn


Working in conjunction with the Universities, Canstar offers internship programs in finance, human resources, communications, digital and any other applicable fields.  We are looking for students with an outstanding record of academic achievement and an interest in the financial markets.  We can offer the opportunity to work in a fast paced environment where you can gain a broad range of knowledge across the company.  We offer our interns real work experience to help launch their careers.

If you are interested in an internship with Canstar please contact either your university co-ordinator or you can contact Canstar directly.

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