Why We Should Educate More Girls Globally

30 June 2014
If you have children then you will be aware that there is an awful lot in the papers all the time about schooling: should you go public or private? What will it cost? What’s going to be best for your child? The fact is that the cost of schooling has gone up by almost twice the rate of general inflation over the past ten years.

The Cost of Schooling in Australia

In fact according to the Australian Scholarships Group, the total cost of schooling for a child born in 2014 is expected to be:

  • $543,334 – Sydney
  • $504,742 – Melbourne
  • $422,635 – Canberra
  • $383,320 – Hobart
  • $373,421 – Darwin
  • $369,492 – Perth
  • $361,911 – Brisbane
  • $339,954 – Adelaide

It’s a lot of money…

So sometimes it’s worth taking a step back and realising that there are millions of children in the world who don’t get an education at all. Care Australia have a campaign at the moment to help educate some of the more than 66 million girls across the world who don’t go to school.

 What’s the cost for a girl to attend school?

The cost to provide one girl with everything she needs to attend school for a year is a grand total of $69. When you think how much in Australia we spend, as parents, on education – plus the thousands of dollars that the federal and state governments contribute for each child –  it is such a small amount of money.

A donation at any time of year is fantastic – and remember that donations are a tax deduction. Care Australia has a great tax calculator on their website. You put in how much you earn, how much you’re going to donate and it tells you how much you’ll get back on tax. Give it a try. 

Why should we make this a priority?

There are plenty of reasons why we should make sure that children throughout the world have access to an education. Here are a few girl-specific reasons, courtesy of Care research:

  • Often parents don’t see value in educating their daughters because they will grow up, marry and leave the family.
  • Every day 25,000 girls become child brides.
  • Families often marry their daughters for a bride price or do reduce the numbers of mouths to feed. One in seven girls will be forced to marry by age 15.
  • Educating women and girls provides the single highest return on investment in the developing world. By helping one woman out of poverty, she will bring four others with her.
  • When a girl is educated, she is less likely to die in childbirth, more likely to have healthy babies, better able to feed them and protect them from trafficking or HIV/AIDS.
  • Women and girls are said to reinvest 90% of their income in their families and communities

So – what are you waiting for?

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