Unique Valentine's Day gift ideas

Will you be giving chocolates or flowers to someone this year? If you want something more original, try our list of unique gift ideas.

Canstar Blue’s latest consumer survey found that 28% of Aussies are planning to do something special for their partner this Valentine’s Day. But sadly, 1 in 3 Aussie women say they are often disappointed with their partner’s efforts on Valentine’s Day. And 41% said, “I’m bored with the same old Valentine’s Day gifts of card, flowers, or chocolate.”

If you want to go above and beyond this year but are not sure what to do, here are some of our best unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Here are our best outside-the-box Valentine’s Day gift ideas, listed in price from the free to the slightly more expensive…

Shared experience

Research shows people feel more loving about their significant other when they remember shared fun times, rather than remembering gifts they’ve received. Check out RedBalloon.com.au for unlimited experience gift vouchers and experience ideas. It doesn’t have to cost much. A walk on the beach followed by a picnic dinner on the sand is free.

Venn diagram of love

John Green fan, anyone? This “You, Me, Us” Venn diagram is adorable, and you could make your own. It’s probably easier than writing a ‘gaekkebrev’, and it would make a lovely handmade card or a framed picture for the wall.

Fill with love mug

This heat-sensitive mug from ThinkGeek is a gamer’s top gift. The mug’s pixel heart – which represents your health in a game – lights up as you pour in hot coffee.

From top to bottom

Not everyone will appreciate this Valentine’s Day best-seller from Just Paper Roses, but this roll of printed toilet paper that declares “I love you from top to bottom” is a hilarious gift for a guy with a good sense of humour.

“I’m a keeper” tee

Rather than wearing the same colour clothing like the Vietnamese, you could buy your partner clothing. The perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan, this T-shirt from Busted Tees declares that your partner is “A Keeper” – in more ways than one. Other lovely ideas from Threadless include “You are my universe” or “Love Cats“.

Message of love

Similar to the hand-crafted Welsh love spoon, a wood carving like this cursive “You are beautiful” deco says far more than a hastily-scrawled card. Carved word decorations (e.g. “LAUGH”, “HOME”) have been popular for nearly a decade now, but this one would say something special every day.

Long-distance gift ideas

For soldiers fighting away from home, the best place for “missing you” love gifts is BoldLoft. Their adorable pillowcase collection helps partners separated by distance feel closer together on a lonely night.

Bonus tip from Canstar

Make sure your transaction account is up to scratch before you start buying Valentine’s Day gifts online with your debit card. Many accounts have no monthly account-keeping fee attached, so if you’re still paying fees, now is a great time to compare what’s out there and make a move … on your everyday banking.


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