How MySuper Funds Performed Over The December 2016 Quarter

Did your employer choose your super fund for you? If so, chances are you have a MySuper Fund. Discover which ones delivered the highest returns over the December Quarter in 2016…

In their latest MySuper Statistics report, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) revealed the net returns of most MySuper funds over the December 2016 quarter (1 October – 31 December).

This net return figure = Reported quarterly net investment return – Calculated non-investment related fees, costs and taxes for that quarter

MySuper funds offer two main investment strategies:

Single investment strategy The risk level (high, medium, low) of the fund remains the same throughout its life. It does this by keeping its diversified asset allocation consistent.

For example, a medium to high risk fund might always invest with 70% in growth assets (riskier assets, e.g. shares and property) and 30% in defensive assets (lower risk assets, e.g. cash and bonds).

Lifecycle strategy The risk level of the fund changes as the years go by. Typically, the fund will have a high allocation of growth assets when you’re young, but when you’re older it allocates more of your money to more defensive investments.

The general idea behind this strategy is to grow your nest egg when you’re young and be more protective of it as you age, because when you’re older because you’ll have less time for the fund to bounce back from any downturns such as a stock market crash. Returns are not guaranteed and this strategy isn’t for everyone.

Top 10 December Quarter Performers – Single Investment Strategy Funds

For MySuper funds with a single investment strategy, the average net return of the December 2016 quarter was 2.34%.

Out of the funds that are open to the public to join, these were the top 10 performers in order of net return:

MySuper product name Fund name Net return
MySuper Prime Super 3.37%
NSF MySuper Nationwide Superannuation Fund 3.29%
Balanced investment option (accumulation) Media Super 3.15%
Core Pool Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia 3.02%
MySuper MLC Super Fund 2.96%
General Division Russell Investments Master Trust 2.95%
Woolworths Group MySuper AMP Superannuation Savings Trust 2.94%
Statewide MySuper Statewide Superannuation Trust 2.88%
MyCatholicSuper MyLifeMyMoney Superannuation Fund 2.86%
Max Super MySuper Max Super Fund 2.84%
Source: APRA. Excludes non-public offer funds.

If you’re currently comparing Superannuation funds, the comparison table below displays some of the products currently available on Canstar’s database for Australians aged 30-39 with a balance of up to $55,000, sorted by Star Rating (highest to lowest), followed by company name (alphabetical). Use Canstar’s superannuation comparison selector to view a wider range of super funds.

Fee, performance and asset allocation information shown in the table above have been determined according to the investment profile in the Canstar Superannuation Star Ratings methodology that matches the age group you selected.

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Top 15 December Quarter Performers – Lifecycle Strategy Funds

Across all lifecycle strategy funds, the average net return of the December 2016 quarter was 2.05%.

Since each MySuper lifecycle product has a handful of different lifecycle funds, instead of displaying the top 10 lifecycle funds below, we’ve displayed the MySuper products that had one or more lifecycle funds achieving a net return of 3.00% or better.

Out of 210 lifecycle funds that reported their net returns to APRA, a total of 73 achieved a net return of 3.00% or better. We’ve listed these below (excluding non-public offer funds).

Top lifecycle strategy performers (net return of 3% or greater over December Quarter):

  1. AON MySuper: 7 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • Aon MySuper High Growth: 5.04%
    • Aon MySuper 43: 4.78%
    • Aon MySuper 44: 4.52%
    • Aon MySuper 45: 4.26%
    • Aon MySuper 46: 4.00%
    • Aon MySuper 47: 3.74%
    • Aon MySuper 48: 3.48%
    • Aon MySuper 49: 3.22%
  2. CCA MySuper: 2 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • CCA MySuper Future Directions High Growth: 4.66%
    • CCA MySuper Future Directions Growth: 3.97%
  3. Colonial First State FirstChoice: 8 Lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • Lifestage 1995-99: 4.52%
    • Lifestage 1990-94: 4.50%
    • Lifestage 1985-89: 4.47%
    • Lifestage 1975-79: 4.46%
    • Lifestage 1980-84: 4.44%
    • Lifestage 1970-74: 4.25%
    • Lifestage 2000-04: 4.21%
    • Lifestage 1965-69: 4.19%
  4. Anglican National MySuper: 2 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • ANS MySuper RIL High Growth: 4.38%
    • ANS MySuper RIL Growth: 3.55%
  5. Local Government Super: 1 lifecycle fund achieved over 3.00%
    • MySuper Age_Based Investment Strategy High Growth: 4.07%
  6. Sunsuper for Life: 7 lifecycle fund achieved over 3.00%
    • Age 54 and under: 3.84%
    • Age 55: 3.76%
    • Age 56: 3.62%
    • Age 57: 3.48%
    • Age 58: 3.33%
    • Age 59: 3.19%
    • Age 60: 3.04%
  7. BT Business MySuper: 4 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • MySuper 1970s LifeStage: 3.72%
    • MySuper 1980s LifeStage: 3.72%
    • MySuper 1990s LifeStage: 3.67%
    • MySuper 2000s LifeStage: 3.40%
  8. Telstra Super MySuper: 2 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • MySuper Growth: 3.71%
    • MySuper Balanced: 3.02%
  9. Australia Post MySuper: 3 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • Australia Post MySuper 1980s: 3.70%
    • Australia Post MySuper 1990s: 3.66%
    • Australia Post MySuper 1970s: 3.49%
  10. AFLPA & AFL Industry MySuper: 3 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • AFLPA & AFL MySuper 1980s: 3.67%
    • AFLPA & AFL MySuper 1990s: 3.64%
    • AFLPA & AFL MySuper 1970s: 3.46%
  11. AMP MySuper: 6 Lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • AMP MySuper 1980s: 3.59%
    • AMP SDF MySuper 1980s: 3.57%
    • AMP MySuper 1990s: 3.54%
    • AMP SDF MySuper 1990s: 3.54%
    • AMP MySuper 1970s: 3.38%
    • AMP SDF MySuper 1970s: 3.36%
  12. Guild Retirement Fund (MySuper): 1 lifecycle fund achieved over 3.00%
    • Building: 3.55%
  13. Westpac Group Plan MySuper: 3 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • MySuper 2000s Lifestage: 3.35%
    • MySuper 1990s Lifestage: 3.32%
    • MySuper 1980s Lifestage: 3.27%
    • MySuper 1970s Lifestage: 3.22%
  14. Mercer SmartPath: 8 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • 1969 to 1973: 3.12%
    • 1974 to 1978: 3.12%
    • 1979 to 1983: 3.12%
    • 1984 to 1988: 3.12%
    • 1989 to 1993: 3.02%
    • 1994 to 1998: 3.02%
  15. ANZ Smart Choice Super: 2 lifecycle funds achieved over 3.00%
    • ANZ Smart Choice Super 1990s: 3.11%
    • ANZ Smart Choice Super 1980s: 3.04%

Below, we report the top performers of the December 2016 quarter for both of these strategies. Do note, though, that past performance is no guarantee of future performance and shouldn’t be solely relied on as a reason for choosing a super fund. Check Canstar’s superannuation methodology for information on factors that Canstar considers when deciding on funds that represent outstanding value at various life stages.

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MySuper Fund Type: Industry vs Retail vs Public Sector vs Corporate

Using the quarterly MySuper returns data, we can compare how the different fund types matched up in performance.

Single investment strategy funds

Fund Type Number of Funds Average net return
Industry 39 2.36%
Retail 20 2.33%
Corporate 13 2.34%
Public Sector 7 2.22%
Source: APRA. Averages calculated by CANSTAR.


Lifecycle strategy funds

Fund Type Number of Funds Average net return
Retail 171 2.12%
Industry 16 2.70%
Public Sector 16 0.46%
Corporate 7 2.61%
Source: APRA. Averages calculated by CANSTAR.


Choosing a MySuper fund

You should never rely on past returns when choosing a superannuation fund. Canstar compares superannuation funds on price and features. Click the button below to get started comparing MySuper funds:

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