Kinetic Super Unveils New Look in Digital Launch

14 September 2015
When it comes to superannuation and member engagement, much of it in this day and age is about the digital experience. Tapping in to this, Kinetic Super has just launched a brand new website as part of its commitment towards making super more simple for its members and employers.

Developed by Icon, and led by the Kinetic Super Marketing team, the idea behind the website is to build a stronger synergy with the Fund’s above the line brand campaign. Kinetic Super advises that the website was scoped, developed, tested and delivered in just over 5 months.

To find out more, we caught up with Lynda Cavalera, Head of Marketing, Kinetic Super.

Q: In terms of member engagement, how important is it nowadays for super funds to have a terrific website, both in terms of look and functionality?

A: It’s critical to have both a functioning website for members but also create an experience for them. Making super relevant and simple for members is top priority. Having a website that leaves them wanting to come back and engage is the main goal.

Q: What are some of the most common activities that members do online?

A: Members are wanting the flexibility and choice to control their accounts online. Once a member has logged into their secure portal they’re able to update their details, request us to find their lost super, combine their super into one account, make investment switches, check their balance and transaction history and even upgrade their insurance. We also make it easy for members to stay with us when they change jobs, with the click of a button.

Q: When going through the design process, what industries (in addition to super) did you look at when determining best practice?

A: Best practice was modelled outside of the super industry with baseline coming from the banking industry. More inspiration came from leading global websites such as Apple.

Kinetic Super’s website overhaul and relaunch was approached using an agile scoping, design and production technique. This allowed Kinetic Super and Icon the ability to test concepts and layouts down to the final days of the build.

Stakeholder engagement, user journey mapping and usability testing were all utilised to specify and refine the final site’s underlying principals – a user first approach, simple information architecture, clean and clear content layout and an engaging user experience that didn’t just feel like another superannuation site.

Additional updates and enhancements are planned over the coming months with the ongoing focus on user experience based on analytics and ongoing testing.

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