Five tips to cut your energy bills

17 August 2015
The cost of energy is a source of stress for many of us. A recent survey of almost 8,000 Australians by Canstar Blue found that an impressive 65 percent of us have tried to reduce our energy consumption over the past year – but even so more than 1 in 5 struggle to pay the bill on time.

In an interview with Fran Kelly on July 27th, Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey, claimed that households have saved $550 per annum on electricity process since the carbon tax was abolished. To quote: “Under freedom of information, the Treasury released documents last week that showed that electricity prices have come down $550 per household as a result of us abolishing the carbon tax.”

ABC?s Fact Check has taken issue with the statement, pointing out that actual electricity savings are estimated by the ACCC to be between $103 (in the Northern Territory) and $198 (in Tasmania).

Irrespective we would all no doubt like to save a bit more on energy costs; here are some tips.

Identify the power-guzzlers.

Some appliances use a lot more power than others. Clothes dryers, washing machines – even your kettle – are power guzzlers. So use them mindfully. Even little things such as leaving extra lights on and leaving all your appliances on standby add to your costs.

Change the temperature.

Keep your house ice-cold in summer or toasty-warm in winter is expensive. So if you use air conditioning/heating then harden up and adjust the thermostat to a less-expensive setting. Also change the temperature in the laundry: washing your clothes in cold water and drying them on the washing line  is cheaper that hot water/clothes dryer.

Negotiate your electricity rate.

Most energy sectors are deregulated and you will have a choice of supplier. This puts you in the driving seat. So pull out the most recent copy of your gas/electricity bill, analyse your usage, then phone around to see what sort of cheaper deals you could get elsewhere. The government?s Energy Made Easy website will list all the suppliers in your area.  And check out the Canstar Blue electricity providers customer satisfaction survey results.

Phone your current supplier.

Once you?ve wised up to the other deals on offer, phone your existing supplier and ask them to match it. It could be less hassle than switching!

Take action now!

It?s great to think about all the things you could do to reduce your energy costs – but it won?t happen unless you actually do them. Start today!

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