Accessing Online Banking Now Easier Than Ever

25 January 2013
Online banking is moving towards newer levels of functionality and ease of use.

Many of these changes are based on an overall shift to the “secure side” of the banks’ websites. Originally, the main reason to login to your banking website was to transact. Now we are seeing websites that allow far more to be done when logged in, creating a personalised experience.

How to access online banking?

The best banking websites allow people to manage a full range of their banking needs from their own secure online portal. They do this by providing a streamlined, intuitive platform with access to a wide range of information and functionality.

Some of the most integrated banking websites we have seen in Australia are making the majority of the information from their public site available from the secure login, in addition to the extra private information that comes with the secure side. This is done in a similar way to eBay, where logging in increases your access to the site, rather than keeping you separate from the bulk of the information.

Gaining access to your financial records is becoming easier – there is more information instantly available and accessing it is becoming more intuitive. Communication between bank and customer is the key and online banking is bringing new and simple ways of sharing information. Secure messaging to and from customers through the internet banking portal is doing away with the excessive lag times of snail mail. Turnaround times for all types of requests are now benefiting, a positive and impressive development for all involved.

In general, our banks? websites are not currently a patch on Facebook,, YouTube, or even Ebay. But all this seems to be changing. It is safe to say the way we interact with our bank on the web is going to be very different in only a few years time.

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