Mythbuster: “Having life insurance is a waste”

Mythbuster: Life Insurance Is A WasteAccording to research by Rice Warner, Australia is one of the most underinsured nations in the developed world – particularly in relation to personal insurance. In fact Rice Warner’s most recent Underinsurance in Australia Report calculates that as at June 2012, the level of personal underinsurance in Australia is:

  • Life insurance: $2,166 billion
  • TPD: $7,912 billion
  • Income protection: $589 billion

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Many Australians seem to have an: “it won’t happen to me” attitude. The problem is though, that it just might.

The Risk Store publishes yearly payout figures from a selection of major life insurers. Based on the most recent figures, they advise that an average of $17.6 million was paid to Australians every working day in 2012.

That overall total was $4.4 billion to 70,989 claimants.

The 2012 claims payout breakdown is as follows:

State Awards

Term Life $1.95 billion
TPD $718 million
Trauma $555 million
Income Protection $1.16 billion

These figures are in addition to superannuation fund group insurance policies for “early retirements” due to illness, injury and death.

That’s a lot of people who never expected to claim – but had to.

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