Before you buy life insurance …

Buying life insurance is something of a grudge purchase: we?re buying something that we hope we?ll never need to use. That?s not a good reason to be disinterested though; having the right insurance in place will significantly ease the financial stress on your family if the worst did happen.

Think seriously about what you need.

The key to getting it right is having insurance that matches your personal needs and reflects your age and stage of life. For example, a young, single person with no debt will need a very different level of life insurance when compared to someone who is married, with young children and a mortgage. That will also be a different level of cover than someone close to retirement with substantial personal assets will need.

Shop around!

Even with a straightforward insurance such as Life, premiums and conditions can vary. Compare life insurance quotes on our website to find good value.

Don’t compromise on quality

Saving money is great, but the right insurance for you isn?t necessarily the cheapest (or the most expensive, for that matter), so make sure you undertake an in-depth life insurance comparison and make sure you get the right product for you. Extra features such as early payout for terminal illness or the expiry age of the policy may be important to you. So be definite about what you need and don?t compromise.

Review your cover regularly

Many of us tend to have a “set and forget” mentality when it comes to insurance – which is why many of us aren?t quite sure what it is that we?re covered for! But job changes, family changes and new investments and debt can all make a difference to the level of life insurance we need. Set aside an hour each year – and whenever else your situation changes – to review the life cover you have.

Do it now!

The best time to get your insurance organised is right now – before you need it! Start with our life insurance star ratings report and then start shopping. It?s a small amount of time that can make a world of difference!

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