What is Hello Real Estate?

3 May 2016

The world of online makes many formerly-complex transactions a relatively simple process. Hello Real Estate provides a property sale solution aimed at those who prefer to DIY the process.

What is Hello?

Hello Real Estate is a licensed real estate agency which features a low fixed fee service for clients to sell their own property, supported by a dedicated hands-on mentor and utilising best practice professional real estate services. Hello is part of a raft of new real estate companies offering guided DIY services for a fraction of the cost of traditional real estate services. The shift to more DIY services is being driven by households who increasingly turn to high quality, low cost real estate services without the shenanigans and nasty surprises. Hello is forecast to save households $8,056 on average, based on the median capital city house price of $695,788.

Hello Real Estate’s professional mentors provide guidance, advice and expertise required to sell your property. Hello assigns a personal mentor to each client based on your property’s geographic location and type. This mentor will be with you throughout the entire process and provide expert guidance along each step of the process. Not only will your own personal mentor be helping you, Hello’s network of property specialists will also provide assistance to achieve the best outcomes for you.

Hello is able to provide an independent, licensed valuation combined with the latest market data. Buyers and sellers communicate directly and not through a middleman, ensuring that you get all the information.

Hoes Does Hello Work?

Once you have contacted Hello and been assigned a mentor, the company will walk you through the entire process step by step. Hello’s real estate package allows households to elect to have their property listed on all the major real estate websites including Domain and Realestate.com.au. Hello will also organise for professional photography to take place, for floor plans to be drawn and engage in marketing efforts. Sellers will also be able to access HelloConnect, Hello’s onsite buyer registration and communication system. Once the property has been sold Hello will receive their fixed fee from the sale of the property meaning that sellers do not have to pay any fees upfront and until the property has been sold.

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