Recognise & Avoid Risks Using NRMA's Safer Homes Tool

18 April 2016
NRMA’s Safer Homes tool helps home owners recognise and avoid the home and contents risks in their area.

Wouldn’t you love to know what thieves are thinking when they look at your home? Or wouldn’t it be great if you had a weathervane that could actually tell you whether or not a cyclone would reach your suburb?

NRMA has the answer for home owners in New South Wales.

Their Safer Homes website helps home owners and renters understand and recognise the predominant risks facing homes in their suburb. It interactively provides easy navigation to provide information to users regarding the risk levels for insurance events including:

  • Theft
  • Bushfire
  • Home fires
  • Water leaks

Safer Homes shows the most recent weather events that have impacted the area, so users can even find out their current local weather.

Claims data on the most prevalent claims per suburb is made available on the site so that users can educate themselves about exactly what risks to watch out for.

The site also lists the average sum insured for Home Building and Home Contents insurance, so that customers of NRMA Insurance can see what might be the right level of cover for their needs.

However, you don’t have to be an NRMA customer to benefit from the Safer Homes site. We hope every NSW homeowner gets on the site and checks what risks they need to guard against in their area.

The Safer Homes website is a first for Australia and this writer was impressed by its innovative nature. Currently the site only contains data sets for home owners in New South Wales, but we hope they soon extend this to the rest of the country.

To check out Safer Homes for yourself, visit



About the creators of this innovation

NRMA Insurance is a provider of home and contents insurance, holiday rental insurance, life insurance, income protection insurance, funeral insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, and business insurance.

It’s not the first time NRMA has provided a free service to benefit the Australian community. NRMA sponsors the free online service My Lawyer, which lets you create a simple will and enduring power of attorney in just a few minutes. NRMA has also been offering a Community Grants Program since 2003, supporting 150 Australian community organisations every year to make their communities safer and stronger.

NRMA Insurance was established in 1925 by the National Roads and Motorists’ Association, in order to provide car insurance to members in NSW and the ACT. In 1995, they added Queensland to the mix. They later became a sub-agency of Lloyd’s of London so that they could offer home insurance policies as well.

NRMA is the trusted insurer for millions of Australians, and they employ 400 people in Queensland alone. They are part of the Insurance Australia Group (IAG), the largest general insurers in Australia and New Zealand.

These days, many people know NRMA by their “We cover anybody who drives your car” series of TV ads from a few years ago, which included snippets with Pizza Guy, Moustache Guy, and the Brisbane Broncos.

You can download the NRMA Insurance App on the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play for Android.

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