Cyber liability insurance

Cyber liability insurance provides protection for businesses and individuals in the management of personal data including data breaches and other cyber risks.

The table below compares a selection of cyber liability insurance policies available in the market. We have selected the products which have information publicly available to be included in the table. The information about the cyber liability policies in the table is as at the 5th of December 2019. We will not be actively updating the table so not all products may be available and features may have changed. Please note that products have been sorted alphabetically, A to Z, by brand name.

While best endeavours have been made to reflect accurate information, this information should not be solely relied upon. For further details, Canstar suggests getting in touch with the provider, accessing the information available on their website and consulting professional advisers as required. Always read the product disclosure statement and consider whether the product makes sense for your financial circumstances. Canstar does not rate cyber liability insurance policies and makes no recommendation about comparative features and benefits with respect to these products.

Brand Name Crisis Management Online account management Online Quote Flexible payment options Cover Data Recovery
Cyber Care Yes No Yes N/A Network interruption, cyber deception, data extortion, information security and privacy liability, privacy regulatory defence and penalties, data breach notification expenses, breach identification and containment, legal connect, remediation and IT forensics expenses and PR connect Yes
Edmund Yes No Yes Yes Third party liability, defence costs, event recovery costs, business interruption, loss, cyber threat of extortion response costs, emergency and expert response costs and social engineering fraud loss (OPTIONAL COVER) Yes
Express Insurance Yes No Yes N/A First Party: Crisis management and reward expenses, business interruption
privacy notification expenses, employing a professional negotiator and any ransom amounts paid and vandalism expensesThird party: Lawsuits by clients or other third parties alleging unlawful dissemination of their private or personal information, allegations relating to intellectual property infringement, trademark and/or copyright infringement,
alleged reputational infringement, including actions involving defamation and invasion of privacy and liability for any resultant harm to third party systems and business disruption as a result of your cyber security breach
KBI Group Yes No No N/A Privacy breach notification and crisis management costs, privacy and security liability, cyber extortion, business interruption – loss of profits and operational expenses, data recovery and system damage, regulatory defence and fines and
media liability