Good Pictures Can Be The Difference In Car Sales

7 November 2014
Plenty of Aussies sell their car each year. And while the condition, mileage and engine specifications are important, first impressions can make a big difference too. Canstar caught up with Vladka Kazda, Chief Marketing Officer for, to get some insider tips on the all-important selling shots.

Q: When it comes to selling your car, how important is it to have great pictures?

A: Having great photos is without a doubt one of the important factors to a quick and successful sale.

Photos differentiate your ad from the rest and encourage greater interest immediately. Photos allow potential buyers to very quickly get a feel for your car and often fall in love with it online!

The more photos you can provide of your car?s interior and exterior, the more confidence and trust you give interested buyers.

By showcasing your car at every angle up front, you encourage the most genuine buyers and limit the number of inspections needed to get to a sale. With really great photos, the first to see really will buy!

At CarSales, we recognise how important photos are, which is why we?re the only site to offer unlimited photos with every ad. We also offer a premium photography service that comes to your door for those that want a professional touch.

Q: What are some of the “must have” pictures to include?

A: Whilst there is no rule to what photos you must have, the general rule is the more of the vehicle you can capture, inside and out, the better. Below is a guide of the most important angles to capture:

  • Front drivers side three quarter
  • Side shot (drivers side)
  • Rear drivers side three quarter
  • Rear on shot
  • Rear passenger three quarter
  • Side shot (passenger side)
  • Front passenger side three quarter
  • Front on shot
  • Drivers side interior
  • Passenger side interior
  • Rear interior
  • Engine bay
  • Boot

If you really want to give the buyer the full picture and differentiate yourself from others, I?d recommend also including the following:

  • Service books (excluding any personal information in the photos of course)
  • Sunroof
  • Alloy wheels
  • Accessories
  • Factory options (cruise control, stereo etc)

Q: Should you include pictures of any defects, as well as the good points?

A: If your car has a scratch or a dent, don?t be afraid to include it in your photos. All used cars have some imperfections and buyers prefer to know up front.

It?s important to disclose anything that may be a major concern, such as a large dent or a big tear in a seat, however there is a limit to how far you need to go. A tiny little stone chip on the bonnet is considered fair wear and tear and not something you should need to highlight.

Q: In your experience, what type of background works well?

A: The best backgrounds are uncluttered, mostly one colour and don?t detract from the car. Avoid having other cars, people or anything else that can distract the buyer?s eye.

Finding a large wall painted in one colour is always good and is something you can usually find at your local industrial area or shopping centre. Try and choose a colour that contrasts the colour of your car to help it stand out.

And just to be safe, best to avoid photos that reveal any personal details such as where you live or the car is kept.

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