Loyalty comes from an engaged team Limited (carsales), was just one of just 90 employers in Australia to be awarded the WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation in November. Canstar caught up with Carsales CEO Greg Roebuck to find out more about the corporation’s attitude to diversity.

As background, the WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation is designed to encourage, recognise and promote active commitment to achieving gender equality in Australian workplaces.

WGEA Director Libby Lyons said the initiatives demonstrated by this year’s EOCGE recipients showed that more employers were taking a sophisticated and whole-of-organisation approach to supporting women and men’s equal participation at all levels of the workplace.

“Employers increasingly understand and value the benefits of having a diverse workforce for organisational culture and business performance,” said Ms Lyons. “I congratulate all of the 2015 citation holders for their initiative and commitment. These employers are at the frontline of driving positive change as they set the gold standard for inclusive workplaces.”

Carsales CEO Greg Roebuck said he was proud of the citation as it was a public recognition of the journey the company has committed to undertake.

“The diversity journey at carsales is evolving and we see this citation as recognition of our commitment” said Roebuck. “We will continue to implement diversity initiatives as part of our strategy to improve the business in the short and medium term, ensuring that gender diversity is no longer a problem longer term.

“I believe that gender diversity needs to be focused on so that we can improve the representation of women in a variety of key areas in Australian business. Our equality initiatives include a focus on leadership, training and development, fairness and flexibility. We are at the start of a journey but believe that investment in these areas contribute to employee engagement and are essential to retaining and attracting top talent to our business.”

When it comes to staff retention, Mr Roebuck believes that diversity initiatives pay off.

“We aspire to create a working environment that enables our people to feel that they having meaningful careers and work for a company that makes a contribution towards Australia’s future economy and skill sets,” he said.

“We believe that loyalty and commitment comes from an engaged team that is proud to work for an organisation that focuses on key business issues, including the diversity agenda.”

Some of the key initiatives that carsales delivered include a diversity steering committee chaired by the CEO, target setting, selection strategies designed to improve gender diversity for board appointments, recruitment shortlist quotas, introduction of a child care referral service and mandatory unconscious bias training.

“We are constantly striving to be the employer of choice and our commitment to improving diversity is a part of this,” said Mr Roebuck.

“In yearly focus groups we ask our teams specific questions on how can we improve diversity and we have implemented many of the initiatives. We also measure our team’s perceptions on diversity through our annual employee opinion surveys. We look forward to continue engaging our teams to help us work on diversity and asking them to rate how we are tracking in future years.”

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