Canstar was established over 25 years ago (formerly known as Cannex) and throughout that time we have helped customers make better financial decisions and provided insights to financial institutions to help them develop great products.
We now see 1 in 3 Australians visit our site each year^, with two in three people recognising the Canstar logo.*

The Canstar brand is now used by hundreds of different businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our brand is an extremely valuable asset which can generate substantial success for all involved with it.


Canstar-Logo-GuidelinesWe have created this guide to help people who use the brand to understand its origin, the brand values and the best ways of getting the most out of it.

The guide is written with our licensees and partners in mind.

Download logo guidelines here


*Source: Canstar brand tracking, June 2019
^ABS Australian population stats as at July 2019, compared to annualised users from Google Analytics from  Jan 2019 to end June 2019.