Poll: Australians support GST increase

According to a Fairfax Ipsos poll, 52 percent of Australians support an increase in GST – provided other taxes are reduced and lower income households are compensated for the GST increase.

When asked if they would support an increase to the GST if it were accompanied by other tax cuts and compensation for households with income less than $100,000, “a slim majority”, at 52 percent, would support the change.

On radio, Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, said that the majority indications showed that Australians are at least engaged in the process.

“We are treating the Australian people with respect on this issue and we are engaging with them fully,” said the Treasurer. “So, that means the conversation I think is heading in a very mature direction and we will continue to have it.”

Whilst keen to emphasise that no proposal has been made as yet the Treasurer signaled his concern with the level of income tax currently being paid by working Australians.

“I am very concerned that if you are on an average wage over the last 15 years you are earning twice as much around that but you are paying almost three times as much income tax and if you are on the average wage next year you will go onto the second highest tax bracket. So, I’m concerned about that and how the personal income tax system is actually holding back Australians throughout their working and saving and investing.”

Opposition leader, Bill Shorten, said that there should be other tax priorities.

“I think a lot of people haven’t seen the case why the price of everything should go up 15 per cent, when in fact we’ve got multinationals who don’t pay their fair share, where we’ve got ridiculously generous superannuation tax concessions where a few people are getting vast tax concessions subsidised by everyone else,” he said.

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