2017 Car Insurance Claims Service Award: Winner Revealed

Our claims satisfaction survey reveals how people feel about their car insurance providers. Also, find out which insurer took out our 2017 Claims Service Award…

This year, Canstar released the results of a 3,197-person consumer survey into the car insurance claims experience of drivers, to determine how satisfied we are with the experience. And the message for insurers is that the easier the claims process is, the more satisfied customers are likely to be.

“Good news for drivers”

Mitchell Watson, Group Executive for Ratings and Financial ServicesOur survey questions drivers, who have had an accident and have claimed on their car insurance at some point in the last three years, on their level of satisfaction with different elements of the claiming process including the speed, the quality of repairs, the overall claims process, the ease of claiming and the level and quality of communication with their insurer,” said Canstar’s Head of Research, Mitchell Watson.

“The good news for car insurers is that, by and large, those claiming on their policies are happy with the service they receive, with 33% being satisfied and another 42% being very satisfied. And that’s good news for drivers as well, because it’s only when you have an accident that you discover the real value of your insurance company,” said Mr Watson.

We’re appy


Across all the factors of an insurance claim surveyed, the thing that drivers were most likely to be very satisfied with was ease of the claims process.

“If you have just had a car accident then you’re likely to be a bit shaken up, a bit flustered,” said Mr Watson.

“So it does stand to reason that if your insurer can make the claims process easy, you’re going to have a better experience.

“Given the high rate of smartphone ownership in Australia, a smartphone app can be a terrific way to help drivers step through the claims process, from taking photos, to recording what happened, to knowing what details they need to collect from anyone else involved in the accident.”

Thankfully, it’s getting easier and easier to make a claim, with the numbers of insurance policies allowing claims via apps, online, and 24-hour helplines increasing again this year.

Across the 61 insurance policies surveyed:

  • 21 allow claims to be made via mobile app (compared to 16 in 2016)
  • 41 allow claims to be made online (compared to 37 in 2016)
  • 57 provide a 24-hour helpline (compared to 57 in 2016)

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Suncorp Insurance takes the award

Suncorp Insurance Logo

Taking out Canstar’s 2017 Car Insurance – Outstanding Value Claims Service award this year was Suncorp Insurance.

“Suncorp offers an easy to use smartphone claims app and also offers a 24-hour helpline,” said Mr Watson.Suncorp-Car-Insurance-Claims-app-accident-details

“Suncorp also received an impressive level of satisfied and very satisfied customers across their speed of response, quality and timeliness of the repairs and how well they communicated with the claimant during the process.”

Canstar congratulates Suncorp on its achievement.

For more information on how we judged this award, see our methodology (PDF).

Finding the right fit

Whether you’re a grey nomad towing a caravan along the Great Ocean Road, or a soccer mum driving a Tarago full of baby car seats, it’s important to find car insurance with the right mix of coverage, features, and price for your insurance needs and your budget. It can be overwhelming to even think about how many car insurance options are out there these days, but Canstar can help with that.

In 2017, we have researched and rated 61 car insurance policies from 51 insurers around Australia and reported on how much value they provide for different drivers. Take a look at our interactive comparison tables to see which policies would provide 5-star rated outstanding value for your stage of life.

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