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Grey nomads vs spring chickens

Who pays more for travel insurance? Are we all covered for the same things? Find out more

Canstar Star Ratings and Awards - Warning
Policy exclusions can be common: make sure you know what you’re covered for

Warning to insurers: You may not be able to exclude coverage for someone who has had a mental illness, under a new ruling by VCAT.

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Canstar Star Ratings and Awards - Cruise
Is your cruise covered?

Cruising is usually an additional cover option that is not included as standard in travel insurance policies. We rate domestic and South Pacific cruise policies. Here’s why cruise travel insurance is so vital.

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Dental tourism: Travelling overseas to get dental work done.

Make sure you are covered! Which institutions cover dental tourism?

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Winners, Outstanding Value International and Domestic Travel Insurance
Canstar Star Ratings and Awards - Motorcycle
If you want to ride a motorcycle overseas…

What you need to know about who covers you to ride a motorbike or scooter overseas, and what engine size you’re covered to ride.

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