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In a world of ever-increasing information overload, there’s an ever-increasing need for smart online programs that can cut throughte white noice. CANSTAR caught up with John Daly, Chief Executive Officerof Listcorp to find out more about its unique strategy for doing just that.

When it comes to finding information about listed companies there’s a proliferation of detail available. But unless investors have the ability to collate the information that’s relevant too them and to put this informaation in appropriate context, this proliferation can be simply white noise.

Listcorp aims to remove these challenges by providing a platform that enables listed companies to communicate with investors and for investors to categorise and save the information that’s important.

CANSTAR caught up with Listcorp founder and CEO, John Daly, to find out more via a quick Q&A.

Q: What is the benefit for self-directed investors in using Listcorp? What additional benefits does your site provide that investors can’t learn via the ASX or LinkedIn?

A: Listcorp is a free website which enables investors to easily connect to the news on any company listed on the ASX – both stock exchange announcements and news that companies publish via Listcorp with the specific aim of helping investors understand their businesses. But even more importantly, we help investors actually use this information to make better investment decisions.

Our ‘My Research’ tool is a personal library built by the Investor with copies of news and information they’ve found useful in growing their knowledge and understanding of individual companies.  With one click the Investor can add a permanent record of any news item or video, as well as notes, to their own personal dashboard, with the Investor’s sentiment toward each piece of information recorded with it – either positive or negative.  So not only are Investors recording the building blocks of information that ultimately give them the confidence to make  investment decisions – but they’re building a visual record of their overall view of the company as well.

On top of this, our Investment Profile pages present information in the same 9 categories for every company, with links to the source of all information.  Our ultimate aim is to provide Investors with all the information they need to learn everything they need to know about the businesses of listed companies.  We want to save investors the time it would normally take to simply find this information, so they can spend more time actually using it.

The ASX website contains copies of all company announcements and some practical information on companies, but the ASX website has many tasks to perform and lots of other information to provide, so it’s not able to deliver the information that we do or the tools we’ve built for Investors to help them use this information. It also doesn’t provide Companies with a way to publish news outside of the strict listing rules which often mean that much of the news companies publish is not useful to self-directed investors.

Linkedin is designed to bring together employers and future employees. It is mainly used for professional networking and is therefore not designed for the task of helping Investors understand businesses. There are no investment profiles, stock exchange announcements, share prices, or price charts, and again, like the ASX website, there are no tools to enable Investors to manage all of this information in order help them make better decisions.

Q: You have tapped into an interesting niche. Where did the idea come from?

A: I’ve spent my career in investment markets – first as a retail stockbroker, then institutional stockbroker, then fund manager.  At each stage I was always amazed at how difficult it was to access the information I needed to simply understand the businesses I was looking at. In 2013 I spent 5 months talking to companies and investors and discovered that while there was strong demand from investors for more and better information, and a genuine desire from Companies to communicate more effectively, the major tools they had at their disposal – the Annual Report, ASX announcements and the Company website – simply weren’t up to the task. So we decided to build a web-based platform specifically for Listed-Companies and Investors in order to solve this communication problem.

Q: Can you share your expansion plans over the next 12 months?

A: We think video content is going to be hugely important to helping Investors understand companies and as such we’ll soon be launching our dedicated video page to showcase great video content from companies.  We’ll also be launching a page devoted to capital raisings – both IPOs and secondary capital raisings to make sure investors are always aware of these opportunities.  We’ll be bringing new insights to investors to help them quickly and effectively decide where to spend their limited time, as well as even more tools to help them manage the huge flow of information from companies and then use it effectively.  Finally, at some point in the next 12 months, we also plan to start adding companies listed on international markets to Listcorp with companies listed on the London Stock Exchange likely to be first.

Readers can find out more about Listcorp here.

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