Shay Waraker

Shay Waraker

Senior Finance Journalist

Joined Canstar: 2017

With a Bachelor of Journalism under her belt, Shay has lived and breathed content for over a decade, including public relations and copywriting both in Australia and the UK. Today, she manages a team responsible for preparing engaging finance content for Canstar including our series of guides and securing contributed articles from external experts, as well as looking for the next content opportunity to help empower people to take control of their money.

Shay is acknowledged by friends and family as being on the frugal side, a disposition that makes her passionate about helping Australians better manage their personal finances. You can find her trawling recent news, speaking with contributors or brainstorming ways to simplify financial topics in a quest to make personal finance the new black. You will also find her in the lunch room, because, well, she’s frugal and packs her own lunch.

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