Travel Insurance – Star Ratings & Awards

Travel is part of life these days. Whether it’s for business or the pleasure of exploring new countries or visiting friends and family interstate, it’s wonderful to be able to do so with such ease. Just as travel comes with its own set of unique experiences, it also comes with some pitfalls which many don’t think about until they actually happen.


The best hedge against the unexpected is travel insurance. It’s a must whether you?re flying interstate or overseas. In fact, the government, on its SmartTraveller website, says in no uncertain terms: “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel”. These days, affordability is not the issue. The cost of premiums is a tiny fraction of what you will pay for the whole trip. And the peace of mind travel insurance gives you is immense.


There are subtle differences in policies so how do you know what suits your circumstances? It can be puzzling and the wrong policy is not much better than having no cover at all. Every year, CANSTAR looks at eligible travel insurance policies in two categories – Domestic and International – to see how they perform for different types of travelers flying to various popular destinations.


Price is certainly important but it’s not everything. The policy needs to cover essential areas and not leave you stranded when you need it the most. This year, we compare 229 policies from 73 insurers to find who offers outstanding value Domestic and International Travel Insurance.
Our comparison is designed to help you enjoy your travels every time.


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