We all love travelling overseas whether it′s for business or pleasure but costs can get out of hand if you don′t plan thoroughly before you leave. Aside from the big-ticket items such as flights, tours, accommodation and meals, there are temptations around every corner – shopping, theatre tickets, theme park experiences, sports events and more. Everyone has their own idea of fun but I′m sure we can all agree on one thing – it costs!

Being prepared to fund an overseas trip is well and good but returning home to a further hit to the hip pocket is another. And this can happen if you don′t choose your payment options carefully. Currency conversion and ATM fees can really add up if you don′t have a strategy in place to avoid or minimise them.
Using the right credit card can be great for airfares, tours, hotel accommodation pre-authorisations and any other larger spending item you may buy overseas; accompany this with a great-value debit card so you can withdraw smaller amounts of cash along the way and you′re pretty much set.

How do you know which credit and debit cards are best for the purpose of travelling overseas? After all, there are 183 credit cards and 152 debit cards on the Canstar database with that allow international access. If you don′t want to read through all those terms and conditions then don′t worry; Canstar has researched them for the first time. Our comprehensive methodology captures way more than you could possibly research on an individual basis.

The results guide you towards products that can offer outstanding value to the frequent or infrequent traveller.

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