2015 Pet Insurance Award

Committing to a pet is a lifetime thing. When you take a cat or a dog into your household, you are solely responsible for that animal′s physical and mental wellbeing for the rest of its life. But don′t let that put you off, it is usually a joyous time and pets add so much richness to our lives. That′s evident by the fact that Australia has one of the highest numbers of pet-owning households in the world.

The sad fact is that veterinary expenses continue to rise, along with everything else in life, and this can make treatment for routine matters or the unexpected emergency a burden on your budget. That′s why Pet Insurance is there to fill the gap. There are three levels of pet cover, one of which may suit your situation.

To find out which policy offers outstanding value to you and your four-legged pal, CANSTAR has compared 81 policies from 19 providers to determine which ones offer outstanding value for pet owners. Our research will help you make a shopping list of suitable pet insurance policies to check out further.

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