Online Banking Awards – 2015


Once you start banking through your trusty desktop computer or mobile phone, you?ll wonder how you ever lived without it. There are so many advantages to organising your finances online and on the go – it?s quick, easy and open for business all hours. Over 12 million of us have a smartphone. Three-quarters of those smartphones are internet-enabled, paving the way for downloading banking, finance and shopping apps. It?s no wonder mobile commerce is soaring in the popularity stakes.

At CANSTAR, we?ve been impressed with the way the banks in this country have led the online charge. Many have exceeded their customer?s expectations with user-friendly web interfaces and banking apps that do everything and more. But that?s not the end of it. As technology and invention progresses, we?re seeing banks embrace the changes and incorporate the improvements into their online offerings. For customers, continuous online banking improvements benefit everyone.

Once again this year we compare the online services of banks and customer-owned institutions to find out who offer the best value in this area. As well as assessing the online and mobile banking facilities, we look at the quality of the website and standard of applications available. How these three areas integrate is a large part of the overall customer experience and therefore important to us.

Our comparison looks at 16 banks and 35 customer-owned institutions which include mutual banks, credit unions and building societies, to find often subtle differences in banking and personal finance management services.

Our research culminates in our choice of Bank of the Year and Customer-owned Institution of the Year for Online Banking.

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