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There’s no doubt that getting into the property market is still the Great Australian Dream, but the average housing in our capital cities have stabilised at high prices. No matter how low interest rates on a home loan are, the fact is that we’re paying more for longer.

The latest CANSTAR research, based on visitors to our website, has shown that the most common Aussie hunting out a home loan is looking for a fixed rate loan for $350k-$499k, with an offset account and the ability to repay it sooner with additional payments. But 41% of us are just looking for a loan to refinance our existing debt.

Irrespective of why you’re in the market, it’s important to find a great value home loan with a low rate and features that suit your lifestyle. There are a wide range of options on the market when it comes to loans, so in addition to carefully choosing a property to buy, you should carefully choose the loan that funds it.

CANSTAR is here to help; our Home Loan Star Ratings Report rates 1,945 home loans from 101 lenders, to determine which providers and products offer outstanding value for borrowers across fixed-rate, variable, and line-of-credit home loans for residential and investment purposes.

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