Direct life insurance is targeted at a certain market – those who want to get things done when they are good and ready. Not having to make an appointment to see a financial advisor, let alone a doctor for blood tests and a medical appraisal, is a godsend for those who still want to protect their families regardless.Buying a life insurance policy direct over the phone or online removes the “complications” for many and makes safeguarding loved ones and family assets accessible and do-able. The downside, however, is that you are the one who decides what?s right for you. There?s no advisor involvement to guide you so your homework beforehand is critical.


That?s why CANSTAR research is so valuable. We compare 31 direct life insurance policies from 27 insurance companies. Our research covers 5 age groups and 20 common profiles detailing gender and smoking status of people within their 20s, 30s, 40s, early-50s and late-50s.


Aside from the price of premiums, there are also certain features you will want and others you will not want in a policy. Our report points out what to look for and gives you a list of 5-star products which may suit you.


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