Credit Card Rewards – Star Ratings

Receiving a reward for using your credit card for your weekly spending is a concept that appeals to many, especially when more cards are offering more variety of rewards than ever before. On our database, we have 180 credit card rewards offered by 42 providers. How could you possibly compare these to work out which is the best for you? The first step is to define what sort of dollar figure you spend on your card over a year. Is it $12k, $24k, $60k or $120k? Then it’s over to us.

CANSTAR’s star ratings for credit card rewards make it easy to compare different cards and reward types so you can work out the best for your lifestyle and your finances. With Australians owning over 16 million credit cards as of August 2015 according to the Reserve Bank, it’s clear that our national love affair with credit is not fading. And with rewards becoming ever more plentiful, our interest in achieving those rewards is high.

Even if you already have a rewards card, it’s always interesting to see how your card stacks up against the rest of the market. What’s on offer is constantly changing and you should regularly check to see whether you could be getting a better deal.

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