Australia is a nation of car drivers; according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) there are approximately 13 million passenger vehicles registered in Australia. That many cars mean that fender benders (plus theft and vandalism) are common. Then there are the various natural disasters that Australia experiences each year. From storms to hail to floods, fire and cyclones, there′s plenty of potential for disaster. It′s a wonder we drive at all!

That′s where car insurance steps in of course – but while many of us actively shop around to find a car insurance policy that represents great value for money, it′s not until we have to make a claim that we really find out whether our chosen policy lives up to expectations.

Each year CANSTAR conducts a national survey across all driving demographics of Australian drivers that have made a claim on their car insurance in the past three years. This year we have surveyed more than 1,200 drivers. This survey, in combination with our own research into claims conditions such as lodgement options, quality of repairs, new car replacement, personal expenses and transport options, enables us to determine which insurer is deserving of the CANSTAR Car Insurance – Outstanding Claims Service award.

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