The majority of businesses in Australia are small businesses, mostly sole traders right through to those employing up to 19 staff. All deliver the goods and services that keep the country running and, at a personal level, underpin their families′ lifestyles.

With any business operation, investment in residentially-secured loans or overdraft facilities is not taken lightly. Business owners and operators know more than most the perils of not thinking through any decision that will affect business profitability. That′s why it′s important to keep tabs on what you pay out. Small amounts on a loan, such as fees, can add up – remember the saying, the ocean is made up of many drops. If you can save money on any fees and charges, let alone interest rate on the loan, your business will be better off.

The world of banking products is constantly changing and there′s every chance you have the intention but not the time to compare deals that are out there. However, Canstar does the hard yards for you, comparing 48 term loans and 49 overdrafts from 21 financial institutions. We look at everything to uncover interest rates, features and fee structures so you can easily identify the best option for your business. Even if you think your current loan is the best, you should know that for sure. It′s all an important part of regularly monitoring the costs associated with operating a business.

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