2015 Business Credit Card Rewards – Star Ratings

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Everyone likes to be rewarded, and that includes business owners. The credit card rewards market is popular and continues to grow, with a couple of new rewards programs entering CANSTAR?s rating this year.Overall there are plenty of reasons for companies to partake in rewards programs: they?re a chance to turn the dreaded expenses process into a good thing for a start! Benefits on offer include frequent flyer points, handing the company a cash-saving on business travel, as well as straight cash back rewards that can assist cashflow by simply saving companies money.

Not all businesses will benefit from a business credit card rewards program, of course. Smaller companies with lower annual spending habits could well profit from lower credit card interest rates, for example, rather than a rewards program. So too could businesses that don?t pay off their credit card balance in full each month. For all others though, credit card rewards can offer something for (almost) nothing.

This year we have rated 33 credit card rewards programs from ten providers to determine which ones offer outstanding value for businesses. This research has been done across three separate business spending levels, being $60,000 per annum, $120,000 per annum and $250,000 per annum. The good news is that there are a number of rewards programs offering outstanding value at each level.


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