Agribusiness is an all-encompassing term that covers everything from a family-owned dairy farm to a processor and global supplier of, say, snap-frozen vegetables. The food and fibre industries in this country are diverse, to say the least. While each has its own individual set of problems, it would be fair to say that all share a common background of supply security, skilled labour shortages and, of course, the precarious nature of domestic and global markets.

The ability to produce something saleable on farm is at the heart of the matter. That′s not always guaranteed, thanks to Mother Nature who is well known for throwing curve balls at our rural colleagues. Then there′s disease and pest incursions as well as mining which, if it′s not taking over our prime agricultural land, is luring away farm workers with the promise of high wages. And the list goes on.

Our rural sector doesn′t give in easily though. Just as well, as we may all be a little hungrier if it did – the vast majority of what we eat is produced by our farmers.

It′s crucial that such a specialised industry needs a specialised bank behind it. Eight banks offer services to the agribusiness sector and these are the banks CANSTAR has researched in great detail to find the one that offers outstanding value to this sector.

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