Where does your pooch stay?

Launching on 24 March 2016, PoochStays.com is a new pet platform, giving pooch owners the opportunity to search, compare, book pet accommodation directly with the Pooch ‘Hotels’.

After all, there is a wealth of online accommodation booking platforms for us – think wotif.com, stayz.com.au, booking.com – so why not have a similar service for our pets?  That’s the concept behind a new soon-to-be-launched website – poochstays.com – which was developed after a hunt for pet accommodation resulted in hours of searching.

“We felt the need to create an integrated information hub where we can have all pet accommodation options that can be presented in a simple, digestible format, allowing to search, compare and book based on geographical location,” said poochstays founder, Ali Gungor.

Canstar caught up with Ali for a quick Q&A:

Q: When did you first have the idea of developing Pooch Stays?

A: The idea came about while planning to go away a year ago, while looking into hotels and thinking about our pooches at the same time.

It just came to me about looking into it and see what I can do about it. A hotel site for Pooches, just like how I looked my own hotels for travel on booking.com

Q: What is the development process you have been through since then?

A: The development process has been progressive with a lot of research over the past year. I wanted something simple and effective for the end user, so I looked into the pet industry and have been working and developing the site with alot of market research.

My good friend, Roy, who’s an ‘IT guru’ has been amazing and supporting the idea as well as other close friends who all have a love for dogs.


Q: Is it just dogs, or will it provide links to cat facilities as well? What about home based dog sitters?

A: Our site will be targeted to dog (pooch) owners – a Pooch based structure. We are focusing on Doggy Day Care and Pooch Hotels / Boarding Facilities around Australia.


Q: Will pet owners be able to leave online feedback/ratings?

A: Pooch owners will be able to provide feedback on PoochStays.com while they are looking into the customised profile of the provider page.

There will be an option for pooch owners to review the facilities and rate the facilities as well. The reviews will sign in and leave comments /ratings.

Q: What websites around the world did you research as inspiration for this business?

A: I used to work at realestate.com.au and always look into booking.com a lot for travel, these are great sites which have always inspired me being simple and fitting its purpose. Instagram’s been a great tool with interacting with our 2500+ pooch followers. I’d say it’s been a collaborative inspiration since conception.

In a developing market, PoochStays.com aims to give Pet Boarding and Doggy Day Care facilities the opportunity to showcase their service offerings (and their love for pets), using their own customised profile whilst increasing online presence.

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