A Paw-fect Way To Beat The Heat This Summer

3 December 2018
With Australia already experiencing high temperatures this season, and bushfires affecting parts of Queensland, it’s looking like it could be a hot summer. This can be a dangerous time for pets, so we asked animal experts for tips on keeping your furry friends cool.

Just as humans can be affected by extreme temperatures, our pets may be vulnerable too – particularly cats and dogs. And while many of us welcome the opportunity for fun in the sun, it’s important to consider the impact that rising temperatures can have on your pet’s health. Particularly given the high temperatures forecast already for this year – its been predicted that we’ll see record-breaking temperatures specifically in Adelaide and Melbourne in late January.

“Pets are just as susceptible to heat-related illness as humans,” said Dr David Neck, spokesperson for the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).

“Vets receive numerous calls from concerned pet owners during heatwaves after seeing worrying signs like lethargy, excessive panting or breathing problems. Unlike people, who sweat through skin, pets such as dogs and cats cool off through the pads of their feet and tongues. They need to pant to regulate their temperature, and dogs and cats with long hair can be more susceptible to the effects of heat,” he said.

To help keep your furry friend cool, hydrated and enjoying their summer as much as you, here is a list of tips, courtesy of the AVA.

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