RSPCA's Free Guide to Pet First Aid: Care For Your Pets

First aid for pets – it could be a lifesaver for your furry friends.

This year when Be Kind to Animals Week rolls around (October 1-7), why not find out how you could save the life of man’s best friend?

Looking after your pet

RSPCA Queensland is offering free copies of the Pet First Aid Guide to Queenslanders. Simply enter your mobile phone number into the website form to receive the guide.

We might feel like we can read our pet’s minds sometimes – that cheeky prick of the ears that says they’ve shredded all the toilet paper, or that glum, guilty look that says, “I’ve eaten your favourite pot plant.”

But unfortunately, when our pets get sick, they can’t tell us exactly what’s wrong. You could save your pet’s life by knowing the basics of first aid for dogs or first aid for cats and being able to keep them going until you can reach a veterinary hospital or clinic.

The RSPCA believes that animals have Five Freedoms like our human rights, and their desire to share the pet first aid guide is motivated by the 2nd and 3rd Freedoms:

  • Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease by prevention by rapid diagnosis and treatment.

For those who live outside the Sunshine State, different RSPCA branches offer pet first aid training workshops for a small fee. Ask your local branch about signing up for the next course.

The RSPCA provides many services for animals in need:

The first Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in London in 1824. Today, RSPCA Million Paws Walkers in Queensland raise over $500,000 each year for animals in need. You can get your workplace involved or fundraise in other ways. You can even adopt your own pet from the RSPCA.

Other organisations that provide first aid training for pets are your local vet and the Pet Industry Association of Australia.

Other ways to celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week

Don’t have a pet? Why not encourage your child’s school to run a ThinkKind, Humane Education Australia program? There is a great schools competition running to encourage classes and individual students to commit an act of kindness.

Nadia Crighton, Pet Insurance Australia Spokesperson, says it is a wonderful way for schools to get involved and make animal welfare a top-topic, allowing the next generation of animal lovers to become empowered.

“Every person, no matter what age or background has the power to really make a difference in the life and treatment of animals in Australia, and the world,” says Ms Crighton.

“It’s all about taking some time out of your busy day to dedicate some time to the welfare of animals, while celebrating creatures of all shapes and sizes. It’s really easy to get involved and brain-storm some ideas that can have a huge impact on animals.

“From picking up rubbish from your local native area, to volunteering one Saturday at a local shelter or a native animal rescue centre, or perhaps encouraging your school to run an educational Be Kind To Animals week, every little part helps bring awareness to this great project.”

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