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[bs_Lead]Australia is a wide brown land housing 23.83 million people and 33 million pets – that?s more than one pet per head of population.  We have a proud tradition of being one of the highest pet-owning countries in the world, with the Australian Companion Animal Council advising that 36% of households own a dog and 23% of households owning a cat.[/bs_lead]

Pet ownership comes with plenty of responsibilities and associated costs though and over the past years pet insurance has really taken off in Australia as a safety net to reduce the financial shock of  pet-related illnesses and accidents.

For the second year Canstar has compared 81 pet insurance policies from 19 pet insurance providers to determine which ones offer outstanding value for pet owners. And, for the second year, Prosure is an award winner, with a Canstar Outstanding Value Pet Insurance award for accidental injury insurance. In light of the win we caught up with Prosure for a quick Q&A.

Q: Pet insurance is a terrific product – but it?s even better if you don?t need to make a claim! Do you have any tips on easy ways that owners can reduce the risk of their pet having an accident?

A: There are some simple ways that pet owners can reduce the risk of injury to their dogs and cats. For example, make sure you have secure fencing and always walk your dog on a secure lead. Keep cats indoors-particularly at night. Also ensure that you have a proper restraint for your pets when travelling in vehicles. And while pets love to be under your feet, try to keep pets away from the kitchen when you are cooking and anywhere there are renovations/heavy lifting happening.

Q: What are some of the common types of pet accident claims you receive? Does it vary according to the time of year?

A: Common types of pet accident claims we seen include cat fight wounds, pets being hit by a car, broken bones from a fall, cruciate ligament ruptures and dog fight wounds. In terms of seasonality, snake and insect bites are almost always only in spring/summer.

Q: Conversely, do you have a couple of examples of less common accident claims you have seen?

A: Burns and electrocutions are very rare as are stick injuries. Penetrating wounds to eyes and injuries sustained while in the car when the car has an accident are uncommon, but do happen.

“Prosure has maintained a great balance between price and features. The cover has an $8,000 annual benefit limit with 80% cost reimbursement, sure to provide great peace of mind for pet owners at point of claim.” Mitchell Watson, Research Manager

Canstar congratulates Prosure on its Outstanding Value Pet Insurance win.

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