National Dog Day: Why we love our dogs so much

August 26th is National Dog Day (yes, it is a thing).

National Dog Day (a.k.a. Dog Appreciation Day) may be an American invention, but we say it’s as good an excuse as any to take a few minutes out of our working day and flick through our phone photos of our canine companions… And maybe to wonder, why do we love dogs so darn much?

Here’s some of the feedback from Canstar staff members who own a family mutt on why we love dogs and just what makes them so lovable…

They’re touchy-feely

“I have a one year-old Pug. The thing I love most about her is that every time she steps on a new surface she has never touched before she freezes and refuses to move. The naughtiest thing I’d say she has done was hunt down the toilet paper and tear all 24 rolls apart and spread it across my apartment floor while I was gone.”

“We have a Cavoodle; he loves snuggling up… often trying to get as close as possible by pushing himself hard against you before lying down. He’s an absolute attention seeker.”

“We have a Beagle and, probably because she is incredibly cute, she is also incredibly spoiled. She has a very sweet and gentle nature though and spends the evening when we are at home snoring loudly on the couch, snuggled up to whichever of us is sitting still for long enough.”

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They think we’re great

“Our dog Daisy is a Border Collie / Welsh Corgi cross. She is coming up to 14 years old but still thinks she is a puppy ( loves to chase the ball around the back yard at 100 kms an hour ).  People often mistake her for a Border Collie pup when they first see her. She is happy to play whenever we’re ready.”

“My Labrador is always happy to see me – doesn’t mind what I’m wearing, how I look, what sort of mood I’m in – still thinks I’m great.”

“Walking our dog is one of the most relaxing things in the world. It’s the same routine every day but she’s still excited about it every day. We’re just a great walking team.”

“It’s the wagging tail. You know they’re happy to see you, and that makes you feel happy as well.”

“I have two dogs – both are Maltese/Shitzhu’s. What I love both about my dogs is that they are ‘people’ dogs, and are sort of like my minions, following me around everywhere I go. They are very loyal, which is their best quality.”

They’re pampered…

“We have an Australian Silky Terrier that believes she is one of the children in the house. So if she can get on the bed, she will lay with her head on the pillow or as close to the pillow as possible. Her personality is the most adorable, if she wants to get your attention she starts to sneeze!”

… And naughty

“I used to have a Labrador who one Christmas Eve ate a whole plum pudding, calico cloth and all.” (Pretty sure that’s on the list of eight things not to feed your dog at Christmas…)

“We have Bismarck the German Shepherd. As a pup he used to chew the external stained timber door frames, front deck timber rails – basically anything to get his 3cm fangs into when he was ‘teething’… Very expensive.”

“Our current Beagle is incredibly destructive. She’s ripped clothes from the washing line, dug plants out of the garden, eaten numerous kid’s toys and shoes. Even so, she’s not as naughty as our previous Beagle who chewed through literally thousands of dollars of stuff over her long life – including an $8,000 hearing aid… Our pet insurance has come in very handy several times.”

“At one point growing up, my family had a Kelpie x Cattle Dog x Rottweiler, plus a Red Cattle Dog, plus a Red Kelpie, plus a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We lived in a rural area; one day the Red Kelpie (named Jed) rolled in some kind of dead animal. It was so bad that you could smell him from 20 meters away. As a result we couldn’t wash him until the smell wore off. Which was about a week later.”

Think about dog adoption

Okay, so ignore the “naughty” things they do and concentrate on the love. Dogs can be an amazing family companion – why not consider adoption? There is plenty of information on ways that you could help the canine community from organisations such as the RSPCA, from Pet Rescue, from the Australian Animal Protection Society, and of course your local animal shelter (just Google the details).

Just don’t forget to make sure your furry friend is covered. Depending on the cover you choose, they can be covered for many of the accidents or illness that could come their way:

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