Popular dog & cat names in Australia 2016

Do you have a Bella or a Charlie in the family? How about a Ruby or a Max? According to Pet Insurance Australia, these are a few of the popular cat and dog names of 2016.

Pet Insurance Australia has analysed its client list to announce the top 10 most popular cat names and top 10 most popular dog names. Hint: if you own a Molly or Buddy you’re more likely to be a dog person; if you have a Milo or a Missy your pets are probably feline.

Some of the names on the list are fairly predictable: Buddy and Charlie for dogs and Missy and Simba for cats. Other names a perhaps more surprising in their commonness: Archie and Lucy for dogs, and Luna and Oscar for cats.

Interestingly, there’s a degree of crossover in most popular names, with Bella and Charlie the top two most popular names for both dogs and cats. Coco is also in the top three cat names – and sixth on the list for dog owners as well! Perhaps not surprisingly, Tiger, Leo and Simba are strictly for cats only.



The full list of popular pet names for 2016 are as follows:

Popular Dog Names

Popular Cat Names

1. Bella 1. Bella
2. Charlie 2. Charlie
3. Max 3. Coco
4. Ruby 4. Luna
5. Molly 5. Tiger
6. Coco 6. Oscar
7. Buddy 7. Simba
8. Lucy 8. Milo
9. Archie 9. Missy
10. Daisy 10. Leo

Source: Pet Insurance Australia

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