Canstar’s 2019 Pet Insurance Award Winners - Who Is Leading The Pack?

Wondering which pet insurers offer Outstanding Value to Aussie consumers and their fur babies? After digging through the numbers, Canstar has revealed three Pet Insurance Award Winners for 2019.

As part of the 2019 Pet Insurance Star Ratings, Canstar Research pawed through 155 products from 26 providers on our database, and three insurers emerged as Award winners. The Star Ratings and Awards assess individual products and insurers on their price and features, across various customer profiles based on cover type, pet type and pet age. This sophisticated and unique ratings methodology aims to help pet owners narrow their insurance search, whether they’re looking to cover a sprightly golden retriever puppy or a more mature tabby cat.

The Pet Insurance Award Winners for 2019 across Comprehensive Cover and/or Accident and Illness Cover are (in alphabetical order):

  • Guide Dogs Australia
  • Petbarn
  • Petmed

Canstar Research found that the winners led the pack when it came to factors including annual benefit limits (how much you can claim within a year) and ease of application. Their annual benefit limits were significantly higher than the market average, while they each offered an online, customer-friendly application process.

Guide Dogs Australia

Pet Insurance Award 2019 Guide Dogs Australia

Guide Dogs Australia has been recognised for the first time by Canstar Research for delivering Outstanding Value to customers in Comprehensive Cover Pet Insurance. Canstar Research noted that Guide Dogs Australia’s customers pay comparable annual premiums whether they choose to pay monthly or annually.

Canstar Research also highlighted Guide Dogs Australia’s flexible cancellation terms. Specifically, it doesn’t charge early cancellation fees for policies paid annually, monthly or fortnightly. On policies where premiums are paid annually, following a customer cancellation Guide Dogs Australia will refund a portion of the premium if no claims have been made.


Pet Insurance Award 2019 Petbarn

Petbarn has been awarded both the Comprehensive Cover and Accident and Illness Awards for the third year in a row. Petbarn continues to offer competitively-priced premiums for pet owners. According to Canstar Research, annual premiums on Petbarn’s top-performing product for each consumer profile in the Star Ratings analysis were, on average, over 9% cheaper than the market average.

Canstar Research also recognised Petbarn’s strong customer service support. For example, Petbarn provides a seven-day-a-week customer service line. Additionally, policyholders can submit and track claims and manage their policy online.


Pet Insurance Award 2019 Petmed

Petmed has won the Comprehensive Cover and Accident and Illness Awards for the fifth consecutive year. Canstar Research found that annual premiums on Petmed’s top-performing product were, on average, over 13% less than the market average.

Canstar Research also highlighted Petmed’s flexible payment options and tools. For example, it gives customers the ability to pay their premiums fortnightly, monthly or annually. It also offers a grace period for overdue payments and allows customers to set up automatic renewals via direct debit.

For more information about how the Awards and Star Ratings are determined, view the methodology report.

Image Source: Blanscape (Shutterstock) 

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