When will we get Amazon in Australia?

12 December 2016
Amazon looks set to launch in Australian in 2017. Here’s why you should be excited. 

Plenty of Aussies are used to buying ebooks from Amazon – but a world of shopping convenience is apparently on the doorstep. Online retailer Amazon has lodged more than 250 trademark applications in Australia ahead what is expected to be its rollout of general merchandise, fresh food and video streaming services in 2017.

According to AFR reports, Amazon’s trademark applications in Australia cover more than 30 classes of goods and services, including food and beverages, baby goods and toys, clothing and accessories, computer software and hardware, financial services, telecommunications and digital services including video streaming, e-books, audiobooks, music and cloud storage.

A recent Roy Morgan State of the Nation report found that Australians spend nearly $105 billion a year on things, with around $31 billion being spent online and approximately 76% of that being spent on Australian retailers.

We also spend $102.8 billion on groceries with $89.8 billion spent at supermarkets.

So why should Australians be excited about getting bigger and better access to all that Amazon has to offer?

It has a reputation for being cheap and easy to use.

Amazon now accounts for 50 per cent of online retail sales in the US, according to Roy Morgan Research, and one-fifth of online food and beverage sales.

Citigroup estimates that Australians already spend $500 million to $700 million on Amazon sites. It believes the retailer could capture sales of $4 billion, representing 14 per cent of all online spending and 1.1 per cent of total retail spending, within five years of rolling out its full offer.

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