Tips on being a good boss

2 September 2015

Whether you?re the head of an international conglomerate or the owner of a small café, being a good boss is imperative for the success of your business. If you?re hiring people to work for you, follow these simple tips to help keep them on your side.


Informing your employees about the mission and goals of your business can help them to see the bigger picture and stay motivated. People perform better when they have something to work towards, so as a boss you should remind them all about this mission and give them updates on the business?s progress towards achieving its goals.

Frequently talk to your employees as a group and speak of how each person?s contribution matters. This will help them feel like more of a team with shared goals which should encourage them to perform better together. Celebrate successes as a team and continually set new goals for the business to maintain this motivation.

Set an example

If you demonstrate absolute devotion to your business through hard work, your employees will feel the need to do the same.  If you ever get lazy, don?t expect your workers to pick up the slack. They respond to your own efforts. If they think it?s just their efforts that are bringing in all the revenue and you?re just there to collect the profits, they might want to leave or demand a higher salary. Also if you?re setting rules of conduct for your employees, follow them yourself. Employees will never respect a hypocrite.

Give and take feedback

Giving regular feedback to your employees, both praise and criticism, helps keep your workers on track whilst perpetuating their learning and development. They will appreciate you for it. It?s all about communication – a vital component of any business.

Don?t forget that communicative feedback is a two way street. Listen to what your employees have to say and encourage them to voice their ideas and opinions. Their different perspective might provide you with some interesting insights and help you to run your business more efficiently. A bad boss with a “my way or the highway” attitude will quickly lose the respect of their employees because they will feel undervalued.

Keep your cool

Although being the boss can be incredibly stressful at times, don?t ever be tempted to replicate Gordon Ramsay?s methods of yelling, publicly criticising and embarrassing employees. Being this sort of boss can create an environment of fear in your workplace – resulting in a toxic culture full of backstabbing, lies and selfishness, among other things. In this sort of environment staff may be too scared to raise issues or ask for help for fear of being attacked or even dramatically sacked.

If you have negative feedback to give to an employee, it is best done in private with an emphasis on constructing improvement, rather than personally attacking them and destroying their confidence.

Get along with your staff

It?s great for your employees when they actually enjoy working at your business and can share a laugh and a bit of fun here and there with you. Your employees will bring a more positive attitude to work which facilitates their productivity. Of course, you don?t want to be a David Brent/Michael Scott (from The Office) and try too hard to be “friends” with your employees. It?s important to draw a line between being their “buddy” and their boss – otherwise you could have your authority undermined. Also it should go without saying that you should not allow yourself to get too involved with your employees? personal life.

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