StockLight: cutting through the noise

7 December 2018
StockLight’s Jason Kotchoff talks competition, challenges and expansion with Canstar.

When it comes to financial data, analysis, opinion and information, investors nowadays are spoilt for choice to the point of being overwhelmed. Sharemarket app Stocklight aims to help cut through the white noise by providing self-directed investors with the information they need – from stock prices, to company announcements and research updates – easily collated, at their fingertips.

Canstar caught up with StockLight’s Jason Kotchoff for a quick Q&A:

Q: What is the benefit for self-directed investors in using StockLight? Why StockLight rather than one of your competitors?

A: As a self directed investor, there are very few tools out there that will give you a comprehensive overview of an Australian stock at your fingers on your phone or tablet. StockLight gives you that and more. It sends notifications straight to your mobile device when important events occur related to your watchlist. For example, when a dividend or price sensitive announcement is released for one of your stocks, StockLight will let you know.

Q: You are competing in an increasingly crowded marketplace. What are your competitive advantages? 

A: Being a native mobile app available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices means that our audience doesn’t need to check in regularly or wade through email to say up to date – StockLight keeps them up to date automatically straight to their phone or tablet.

Q: How did your previous working life shape the direction of Stocklight?

A: Prior to StockLight, I was working for a Silicon Valley startup as their technical lead. That role specifically was instrumental in birthing StockLight as it educated me on how to build a digital business from the ground up.

I came to the realisation that what I really wanted to be doing was helping out stockmarket investors like myself with better tooling and so I quit my job to work on StockLight full time.

Q: What has the journey been like for you personally?

A: It’s certainly been a challenging shift in mentality to shift from a 9-5 job with a guaranteed paycheck to an uncertain venture where you have to stay really self motivated. The journey has had lots of ups and downs but overall, I’d say it’s been really rewarding. It’s definitely been harder than expected to innovate in this space due to the regulatory nature of the financial industry and the costs involved with data.

Q: I know you plan to expand worldwide – what expansion plans do you have for the next 12 months?

A: We’d really like to release a new version of StockLight that covers global equities including markets from North America and Europe. Keep an eye out in the app store for updates and if you get a chance, writing an app store review on StockLight’s behalf really makes our day!

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